Insects Rule The World

Welcome to Insects Rule The World!

In this class, we will study the amazing numbers, impact, and wonderfulness of insects.

Guest Teacher: Mr. Schutte

Insect Final Project Directions-

June 6th and June 13th:

Students will present their posters on their final project insect, as well as an edible model. For each presentation, students will read and explain their poster and model. No extra presentation is needed (no powerpoint, prezi, sway).

If you’re not sure which day you’re presenting, please email Mrs. Schutte!

May 23rd:

Due today: Scientific Drawing of your insect.

In class on May 23rd: we will be sketching the life cycle of your insect and also walking outside to see what we can collect.

Looking Ahead: Here are the Presentation Dates for your Insect (including your edible model)

Presentations: June 6

June 13th

Ruth, Melia, Trevor, Lili, Max, Eva, Ella, Amy, Declan, Tyler C,

Elle , Abby, Baron, Dylan, Shannon, Miles, Rylee, Odin


May 9th: Walking Field Trip!

  1. Tomorrow, during class, we are walking briskly to the Tolt River to discover insects. No permission slip needed, as this is a “local walking trip.”
  2. Leave the RLC: 2:05 pm, Return to the RLC: 3:10 pm. You will be back in time to ride the regular bus home, or regular parent pick up times.
  3. Wear good walking shoes.
  4. Parents – would you like to walk with us? If you have a Volunteer Application filed with the Riverview School District, we would love to have you! Be here at 2:00 pm. Email me to let me know you’re coming with us!
  5. Homework Due – Don’t forget to bring your choice of local insect choice for your personal study tomorrow.

March 7th: Mealworms

We launched our in-class study of mealworms today! Each student set up their own glass jar of mealworms to observe as they grow through their life-stages. Did you miss your class? See Mrs. Schutte to set up your own jar!


Optional Capture Activity: Go outside and carefully capture an insect to bring to class. We will examine it and then release it again! Can’t find an insect this week – it’s okay! It’s optional. You can keep looking and find something another week!

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