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Writing Help:

Chunk Paragraphs: Use this powerpoint to learn about the basic concept of the “The Hamburger Chunk paragraph.”

Use this Two Chunk Paragraph to write out a rough draft of your paragraph.

Here is an example of Mrs. Schutte’s two chunk paragraph about a Two chunk example character.

Idea elaboration: Use these powerpoints from OSPI – Washington to review what elaboration is and learn how to use it in your writing.

Lesson 1: Defining Elaboration

Lesson 2: Using Questions to Elaborate

Lesson 3: Using Precise Language to Elaborate

Lesson 4: Using Reasons to Elaborate

Lesson 5: Using Examples to Elaborate

Lesson 6: Using Definitions to Elaborate

Lesson 7: Using Descriptions to Elaborate

Lesson 8: Using Anecdotes to Elaborate

Lesson 9: Layering vs. Listing

Lesson 10: Show Don’t Tell

Lesson 11: Recognizing Elaboration

Lesson 12: Assessment

Janet VanCleave’s great site and curriculum for hands on science


National Library of Virtual Manipulatives has all grades and strands of math. Great manipulatives and many wonderful games to practice a specific skill.

Digital Photography

Online Digital Photography Course: Here’s the link we were using in the Digital Photography class. Permission to use this site was given by the instructor through the Digital Photography Class taken by Mrs. Schutte during the summer. This lesson is a sample course written by Paul Nelson. The content and photographs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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