High School Photography

Peppers at the MarketMarket umbrella



High School Photography Class:

Here is the link to our online class at Scphoto, a school curriculum for Photography.

Design Elements:

Rule of Thirds: Here is a short video explaining how to crop for rule of thirds.

picnik Baby Rule of Thirds

Here’s another helpful video by Allison Lewis, explaining how to use Rule of Thirds and Leading Line to improve photos.

Rule of Thirds & Leading Line

Here is a good post from Digital Photography School about improving your backgrounds – which is a common problem when shooting portraits. Read this post and try some of the tips.  9 Tips for getting backgrounds right!

Using Manual Mode: An Introduction

from CamCrunch, a good site for clear explanations on DSLR photography:

Photography Tutorial for Beginners: What is Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO (DSLR Lesson) – CamCrunch

Portrait Photography:

Our unit on portrait photography continues! We are learning about formal portraits and environmental portraits, using some help from this creative commons photography class by Paul Nelson Digital Photography Course for Moodle.

Photo Editing Sites:

If you have extra time, you can always upload one of your photos in to “BE FUNKY“. This is a fun, free photo editing site. You can add filters, crop, add stickers, and then save and print your edited photo. Really fun!!

Here is another photoediting site: – Pixlr – good site for adding effects!


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